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The Russian Woman

The Russian Woman is the first book in a series featuring Michael Thorne.

Colonel Anya Volkova is a patriot who loves her country. She works in the Russian Ministry of Defense, where she's an important part of Moscow's machinery of war. She's more or less content with her ordered life, until things start to fall apart.

Her younger brother is sent to fight in Syria. Her boss wants her for his mistress, and if she doesn't give him what he wants, her career is finished. She discovers a secret plan for a first strike on America. She has to stop it from happening, but what can she do?

Michael Thorne is a Specialized Skills Officer with the CIA, an expendable spy. He's fed up with the games played by Langley's chiefs, but there's not a lot he can do about it. Worse, there's a mole at Langley who is about to make his life more complicated. 

Thorne is assigned to make contact with Anya, but he's not ready for the powerful attraction that ignites between them. As the world spins toward nuclear war, he's caught up in a deadly web of intrigue and betrayal that will force him to choose between duty and love.



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