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Welcome to the world of the Project. It's a world where things aren't always what they seem. Here you will meet men and women who fight in the shadows, confronting America's hidden enemies.

The Project is a covert counter-terrorism and black ops team that reports only to the President of the United States. It's small. It's effective. And it never gives up.

Take a look at the pages on this web site. You will find links to dossiers of the Project team members and excerpts from declassified missions. Some information has been redacted in the interests of National Security.

It is the members of the Project and others like them that keep America safe against the faceless enemies set on our destruction.

New Thriller Series

 City of Gold Alex Lukeman

I just finished up reading The Black Templar - it was again a very intense, thrill ride, written in the manner unique to you.  From the moment I found your series I was hooked and I wait for your next offering as soon as I am done reading one of your books.  Thank you for these incredible books. Amazon Reader

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