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Michael Thorne meets with a French spy to talk about a nuclear warhead floating around on the black market. It’s an easy assignment, right up to the moment someone tries to kill him. He survives, but there are complications. The trail of the bomb leads to Serbia and the dark stain of Srebrenica.

During a fleet exercise on the China Sea, the flagship of the Chinese Navy is torpedoed and sunk with all hands. It looks like she was attacked by a submarine from Taiwan. But what if it wasn’t Taiwan? If they didn’t do it, who did? Who wants to start a war? Thorne is posted to Taipei, where things aren’t always what they appear to be.

The Chinese want revenge for the loss of their ship. They’re ready to invade Taiwan and plan a first strike on America if Washington comes to the island’s aid. As the world nears the point of no return, Thorne may be the only hope to prevent nuclear Armageddon.


 "Alex writes what is in the news and creates  a wonderful storyline with characters you can relate to and follow easily. 

High speed chases, and all the spy influenced stories follow what we have come to expect from him. This story begins with what is happening in China in today's world, with knowledge of China wanting Taiwan back under their wing...

As other countries vie for dominance, Lukeman  has taken us through a what if, how a World War III could happen today. This trip around the world, being shot, beat up, is very James Bond and I remember saying in one of my reviews for the Project Series " I saw the pictures in my head and envisioned this as a movie..." Feel the same here.

Alex writes a short clipped no nonsense story, and has you on the edge over and over as the story moves from one problem to another....Read the Blurb and hold on to your hat..."

                                                                                       ---Amazon Vine Reviewer




Chapter 1


Morning sun struck the water of the old quarry, turning the surface sudden gold. Michael Thorne picked up a rock and tossed it in, watching the ripples spread until they disappeared. The quarry had been abandoned and forgotten long ago, shut down at the end of the Civil War. There was something about gazing at the dark waters that helped him sort out the racket in his mind. He came here whenever the inner demons got too loud to ignore. They were the price he paid for what he did for a living.

Thorne was a spy. It wasn’t an exact job description, but it was close enough to get him killed if he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. The last ten years of his life had been spent working for the Agency.

When he’d first started he’d been high with the thrill of acceptance into the secret world. It hadn’t taken long for that to wear off. The secret world wasn’t much different from the rest of the world. It was just dirtier, meaner, and a lot more hazardous to your health. If there was a song that described how he was feeling these days, it was probably The Thrill Is Gone.

He’d become a spook because he believed in what America stood for and wanted to protect it. Looking back over the years, if what he’d done had made any difference, he couldn’t see it. But what else was he going to do? In a world spiraling out of control, civilian life looked more senseless than ever. He still held onto a shred of hope that what he did justified his existence.

The sun was up. It was time to go to work. He fired up the Jeep and headed for Langley. Virginia was beautiful this time of year, the fall foliage ablaze with color. He swerved for a schizophrenic squirrel and wondered what devilment the intelligence gods had in store for him today. The thought was gone as quickly as it came. 

It was probably just as well.


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